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Soundtrucki2006-04-16 21:57

co ja będe mówił dużo... mała niespodzianka :)

Snowboard videos soundtrucks:

1. Afterbang
2. Saturation
3. Back In Black
4. Game Show
5. White Balance
6. Pulse
7. Return Of The Wildcats
8. Road To Madness
9. Notice To Appear
10. Technical Difficulties
11. Transcendence
12. Video Gangs
13. Vivid
14. Wildcats Ninelives
15. Gen-Pop
16. Grenade - Full Metal Edges
17. The Resistance
18. Shakedown
19. Stand And Deliver
20. Nixon Jibfest
21. AMP
22. Simple Pleasures
23. Stomping Grounds
24. Hard, Hungry, Homeless
25. Chulksmack
26. Lost In Transition
27. Pop
28. Shaun White Album
29. Lame
30. Promo Copy
31. Positron
32. Afterlame
33. Dropstich
34. Pirate Radio
35. Grenade - Night Of The Living Shred
36. Psykopit - Fun
37. Burton - The Process 3
38. Dopeshit
39. Psykopit Movie
40. Committed
41. Love Hate
42. Derelictica
43. Futureproof
44. Everyday Something
45. One Love
46. From_______, With Love
47. Paradox
48. The Big Blind
49. Shrediquette
50. December
51. Jibbing With Jeremy Jones
52. Elekrep
53. Never Trust A Man With A Moustache
54. Frosted Flakes
55. As if
56. Sandbox
57. Revenge Of The Grenerds
58. Sugar Shack
59. DC mtn lab
60. Storbis
61. Brainstorm
62. Burton
63. Nitro - Live To Win
64. Upping The Ante
65. Pocahontas

1. Afterbang

The Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (opening credits)
The Faint - Agenda Suicide (Louie Fountain)
The Cars - Just What I Needed (Jussi Oksanen / Jaakko Seppalla)
Her Space Holiday - Key Stroke (Travis Parker)
Stereo Total - I Love You Ono (Joni Malmi / Joni Makinen)
Ceasars Palace - Jerk It Out (Wille Yli-Luoma)
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (Chris Engelsman)
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Video Killed The Radio Star (David Benedek)
The Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (end section)

2. Saturation

The Cure - Close Down (Tristan Picot's Memorial R.I.P.)
Rjd2 - Good Times Roll : Part 2 (Intro)
The Dandy Warhols - Get Off (Steve Gruber)
Mr. Lif - Phantom (Yannick Amevet / Kyle Clancy / Jason McAllister)
The Breeders - Cannonball (Gigi Rüf / Victoria Jealouse / Iker Fernandez)
The Deadly Venoms - Party Chedda (June Mountain: Travis Rice and Nicolas Muller)
Scott Sullivan - Mumbo Jumbo (Wolle Nylvelt)
Joe Satriani - The Forgotten : Part 1 (Artic Challenge)
Violent Femmes - Add It Up (Axel Pauporté / Stephan Gimpl)
The Beatnuts - The Trouble Is (Romain Demarchi)
Gentleman - Runaway (Frederik Kalbermatten / Jonas Emery)
Beck - Beer Can (Nicolas Müller)
Jane's Addiction - Hypersonic (Jeremy Jones)
Patric Hernandez - Born To Be Alive (Japan)
Rjd2 - The Horror (Travis Rice)
Sean Paul - Get Busy (Trevor Andrew)
Radiohead - 2+2=5 (?)
Ugly Duckling - Journey To Anywhere (instrumental)

3. Back In Black

Electric Wizard - Night Of The Shape (opening credits)
Le Force - Life Is Short Death Is Eternal
Devo - Uncontrollable Urge
The Exploding Hearts - Throwaway Style
Turbonegro - Le Saboteur
Firehose - Brave Captain
Cool G Rap - Thug 4 Life
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Cradle Of Filth - Drawn Of Eternity
The Descendents - Coolidge
Beulah - Silver Lining
Grandaddy - Now It's ON
Van Halen - Unchained
The Punk Group - International Rock Stars (endig credits)

4. Game Show

Lori - Divine Wind (opening credits)
The Delta 72 - Introduction : Part 2
3 Inches Of Blood - Hall Of Heros
The Hookers - Hell Bent
Lyrics Born - Last Trumpet Feat Lateef The Truthspeaker
The Delta 72 - Wiretapping
Reverand Horton Heat - Forbidden Jungle
The Delta 72 - I've Dreamt Of Leaving You Ever Since You Told Me
Reverand Horton Heat - Big Sky
3 Inches Of Blood - Balls Of Ice
Kinski - Semaphore
The Poets OF Rhythme - The Jaunt
Grouch And Eligh Feat Mystic - The Nexus
Ras Kass Feat Scipio - Verbal Murder
The Delta 72 - Pleased And Honoured : Part 2 (closing credits)

5. White Balance

Irwin's Conspiracy - Intro Montage (intro)
TV Eyes - She's A Study (Jack Jonhson)
Rob The Viking - Planet Alignment
The Juliana Theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me,Would You Stop? (Mikkel Bang, Luke Mitrani, Frederik Autsbo)
The American Analog Set - Hard To Find
Thievery Corparation - Facing East
Del The Funky Homosapien - Press Rewind
The Melvins - June Bug
Grant Balwin - 1986
Bay Root - Blood
Bay Root - Traditional
Pinback - Penelope
Interpol - Obstacle 1
Real Life - Send Me An Angel (Matt Hammer)
The Stranglers - Golden Brown (end credits)

6. Pulse

The Full Length Release - Hang On (intro)
Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (JF Pelchat / Tadashi Fuse / Gaetan Chanut / Kale Stephens)
Hieroglyphics Feat Goapele - Sovieto (Kier Dillon / Trevor Andrew)
T.S.O.L - In My Head (Nate Bozung / Mitch Nelson / Chad Otterstorm / Bjorn Leines)
The Butthole Surfers - The Weird Revolution (Eddie Wall)
The Line - Beyond The Boarder (Janna Meyen / Tara Dakides)
Joe Jackson - Got The Time (Shaun White)
Ziggens - Hang On (Red Bull Competition)
Porn Of Rocket - My Name Is A Killing Word (Jeremy Jones)
Static X - Get To The Gone (Crash Section)
Andre Mickatina & Equipto - Jungle (Allister Schultz / Joey McGuire / Brett B.)
April March - Chick Habit (Peter Line)
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hot Rod (Kevin Jones / Kyle Clancy / Brandon Bybee / Andreas Wiig)
Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You (Chris Brown / Dionne Delesalle / Devun Walsh)
Guttermouth - Vacation (credits)

7. Return Of The Wildcats

Wildcats' song (intro)
Orgy - Blue Monday (Kale Stephens)
Denis Leary - Asshole (Chris Brown)
Spice Girls - Wannabe (Chris Dufficy)
2Six - Don't Give A Fuck (Dave Casben)
Metallica - So What (JF Pelchat)
Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light (??)
Swollen Members - Take It Back (Bjorn Leines)
Daft Punk - One More Time (Dionne Delesalle)
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (Devun Walsh)
Vengaboys - Sex On The Beach (credits)

8. Road To Madness

Accept - Fast As A Shark
Tappi Tikarrass - Krio
Limp - Therapy
Living Legends - Rabbit Hole
Psychotic Larry - Whip It
Maslanthropic Spectrum - Limbonic Art
Missing Persons - Walking In LA
The Line - Cul Me
Shipwreck - Time To Decide
Covenant - Planetarium

9. Notice To Appear

Irwin's Conspiracy - Gr822a6 (intro)
Air - Radian (Terje Haakonsen)
Live On Arrival - Truth (Heikki Sorsa)
The Juliana Theory - Emotion Is Dead : Part 1 (Scotty Arnold)
Live On Arrival - Dope Gold Rope (Matt Hammer)
Iron Maiden - Running Free (Lake Tahoe - Jeremy Jones)
Irwin's Conspiracy - Axis II : Part 2 (Jackson Hole - Jeremy Jones)
Dilated Peoples - Live On Stage (Dave Downing)
Dianogah - Flat Panda (Brandon Ruff)
Happy Campers - No Mind (Eric Jackson)
Irwin's Conspiracy - Intromple (Falls)
Modest Mouse - Dramamine (John Jackson)
Gang Starr - Full Clip (Frederik Kalbermatten)
Yonderboi - Another Geometry (credits)

10. Technical Difficulties

Dogpiss - Metalone
Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew
Chrome Locust - New World Disorder
Blood For Blood - Livin' In Exile
Enkindels - Halfway To Tucumcary
Lefty - Takes So Long
Swingin' Litters - Brazen Hero
Hieroglyphics - At The Helm
Lagwagon - May 16
Dropkick Murphys - Amazing Grace
Foo Fighters - Good Grief
Method Man - Judgement Day
Dead Lazlo's Place - 40 Ounces
The Bouncing Souls - Wish Me Well

11. Transcendence

Juno - A Thousand Motors Pressed Upon The Heart
Powderfinger - Don't Wanna Be Left Out
Angelo Badelamenti - The Pink Room
The Clash - Magnificent Seven
Radiohead - National Anthem
Radiohead - Packt Like Sardines In Crushd Tin Box
Souls Of Mischief - Bad Business
Nashville Pussy - High As Hell
Jill Scott - One Is The Magic #
Mos Def - Know That
AC/DC - Riff Raff
The Beatles - A Day In The Life
Lou Red - Such A Perfect Day

12. Video Gangs

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (intro)
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Lauri Heiskari)
Large Professor - Bout That Time (Devun Walsh / Chris Dufficy)
The Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles (Jimi Tomer / Pat Moore / Travis Kennedy)
A-Ha - Take On Me (Andreas Wiig)
Gangstarr - Now You're Mine (Chad Otterstorm)
Turbonegro - Zillion Dollar Sadist (Mike Page / Nate Bozung / Kevin Jones / Peter Line)
Fisherspooner - Emerge (Eddie Wall)
Billy Idol - (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows (Joni Malmi)
The Faint - Glass Dance (Bjorn Leines)
Depeche Mode - Photographyc (credits)

13. Vivid

Joseph Moose Demby & Sasha Costanza-Chock - Airbrushing (intro)
Busta Rhymes - Break ya Neck (Nicolas Müller)
The Strokes - Barely Legal (Steve Gruber / Jonas Emery / Iker Fernandez)
Radiohead - Paranoid Android (Romain Demarchi)
Joseph Moose Demby & Sasha Costanza-Chock - One Day (RDM's fall)
Deltron 3030 - Madness (Skate)
White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl (Wolle Nyvelt)
Pailhead - No Bunny (Yannick Amevet / Jeremy Jones)
Beastie Boys - The Negotiation Limerick File (Gigi Rüf / David Pitschi / JP Solberg)
Damien Marley - It Was Written (Shin Campos / Fredi Kalbermatten / jonaven Moore)
Supersuckers - Born With A Tail (Axel Pauporté / Tristan Picot)
Damien Marley - Mi Blenda (Travis Rice)
Dynamiste Hack - Boyz In The Hood (credits 1)
Scott Sullivan - Seatown (credits 2)

14. Wildcats Ninelives

Onix - Slam Harder
Independant - Be My Lover
Phill Collins - Easy Lover
Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes
The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
Deaad Prez - Hip Hop
Ultimate Mix - Girls On Film
Sweet Shop Union - The Truth We Speak
Magna Carta - Dust In The Wind
Van Halen - Panama
2Six - Round 2
Heart - Crazy On You
DMX - When I'm Nothing

15. Gen-Pop

Hip Hop Remix - Marc Frank Montoya
Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar
Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
Gary Nueman - Cars
Nirvana - Bleach
Dancehall Remix - Selector Prime
DJ Verse - Metador
Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?
Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun
Danzig - Mother
Alkaholiks - Make Room
Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Heltah Skeltah - I Ain't Havin That
Motely Crue - On My Way

16. Grenade - Full Metal Edges

Descendents - Bikage (intro)
Dramarama - Anything, Anything (Jeff Anderson, RIP)
Youth Brigade - I Hate My Life (Brian Regis / Shaun White / Rahm Klampert / Jesse House / Ross Powers...)
Murdercity Devils - Dance Hall Music (Nima Jalali / Sketchy D)
Junkman - Remix (Nicky Wieveg / Bobby George / Lane Knaack)
Seaweed - Go Your Own Way (Charlie Morace / Scotty Arnold / Eddie Wall)
Shai Hulud - Linoleum (crashes)
Connor Langlois - Nahlej (Colin Langlois)
Doctors of Evolution - Track 12 (Burtner / Hana Beaman / Kramer / Mikey Rencz / Matt Kass/ Peter Line)
The Pixies - Head On (Zach Leach / Travis Rice)
AFI - Your Name Here (Danny Kass)
Smashing Pumpkins - For Martha (?)
Misfits - Seream (Kyle Clancy)
Fifteen - The End (credits)

17. The Resistance

Carl Orff - O Fortune (intro)
Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (intro rider)
Fugazi - Stryrofoam (Bjorn Leines)
The Spooks - Things I've Seen (Devun Walsh)
Big L - Fall Back (Mike Page / Rio Tahara / Mikko Sjoblom / Nate Bozung)
Joan Jett And the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation (Jeremy Jones)
Ween - I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot (Peter Line)
Butthole Surfers - Human Cannonball (Joni Malmi)
Mike Ness - The Devil in Miss Jones (Friends)
Snoop Dogg And Tha Eastsidaz - G'd Up (JP Walker's intro)
Method Man & Redman - Tear It Off (JP Walker)
Swollen Members - Deep End (credits)

18. Shakedown

Rob The Viking - Move it Up
Son Doobie - Party People
Shabazz the Desciple - Red Hook Day
Sweatshop Union - Up From the Ground
Swollen Members - Flawless
Moka Only - What I Do
Abstract Rude - Stand and Deliver
Oddities - Revolving
Mr. Brady - Disqusting
Sonspot Jonz - Life's Poetry
Fourth World Occupants - Permanent
Buc Fifty - Gloc

19. Stand And Deliver

Bouncing Souls - True Believers
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Redman - Let's Get Dirty
Prolific and Astroman - Astrolific
George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Who Do You Love
Eris - Soundtrack
Lars Fredricksen and the Bastards - To Have and To Have Not
Brotha Lynch Hung - R.I.P
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
Jeremy, Dan, Jason and Jason - Layton in Utah
Pep Love - Act-Phenom
The Hookers - Behold God's Candy
Swollen Members - Lady Venom
Berlin - Masquerade
Jimi Hendrix - You've Got Me Floating

20. Nixon Jibfest

Form of Rocket - Danger Snake
Sixtoo - Track 11
Mr. Hype and DJ 456 - New Ray
Joey Chavez - Temptation Instrumental
Del - Don't Forget The Bass
Form of Rocket - Loving Her Was Easy
Hieroglyphics - Corner Story
Swollen Members - Fuel Injected
Mr. Hype and DJ 456 - Track 3.2
Joey Chavez - Dark Alleyways
Mr. Hype and DJ 456 - Track 2.1
Joey Chavez - Cut to the Chase
Joey Chavez - Members Only
Joey Chavez - The Badlands
Joey Chavez - The Dirty Sermon
Sixtoo - Track 12
Buc Fifty - Putting Check Down
Joey Chavez - Blue Keys
Hieroglyphics - Faulty
Swollen Members - Take It Back
Mr. Hype and DJ 456 - Drums and Base
Form of Rocket - Guardians of the Ass Fortress

21. AMP

Social Distortion - Don't Drag Me Down
Jugg's Revenge - Lolita
Supersuckers - Doublewide
Trobiz - Empire Like That
Bad Religion - Anesthesia
Swollen Members - Ground Breaking
The Shutdowns - Anthem
Breeders - SOS
Trobiz - High Degrees
Fu Manchu - Hell On Wheels
New Bomb Turks - End of the Great Credibility Race
No Fun At All - Beat Em' Down
Violent Femmes - Add It Up
MYG - Portland Life
Relish - A Castle or a Hole

22. Simple Pleasures

Carpe Wade - Elvis
Anti-Flag - You'd Do the Same
Blondie - Dreaming
Hi-Standard - Hidden Track
Ten Foot Pole - Excuses
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Lagwagon - Know It All
Submissives - Submissive For Your Love
Adolescents - Kids of the Black Hole
Lavish Green - Huck Spin
New Bomb Turks - Jukebox Lean
UK Subs - Dunblane

23. Stomping Grounds

Descendents - Everything Sux
Snapcase - Run and Fall
Pulley - Cashed In
Good Riddance - Steps
Satan's Pilgrims - Johns Moods
Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones - Confusion
Brutal Juice - Galaxy
Lagwagon - Violens
Descendents - Coffee Mug
Pulley - Wok In
Satan's Pilgrims - Squad Car
Accustomed to Nothing - 25 Cent Ring
State of the Nation - State of the Nation

24. Hard, Hungry, Homeless

No Use For A Name - Hole
Aversion - Brat Attack
No Use For A Name - Death Doesn't Care
Aversion - Down This Way
Perious - Change
Honeyglaze - People's Royal Love Song
Mordred - Falling Away
The Culprits - Trouble
No Use For A Name - Don't Miss The Train
No Use For A Name - Get Out Of This Town

25. Chulksmack

Grandaddy - Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake (intro)
Reggie & The Full Effect - Apocalypse Wow!
Basement Jaxx - Cish Cash By
Chroméo - Mercury Tears
Poison Idea - Plastic Bomb
Zoot Woman - Hope In The Mirror
Sweatshipnion - The Thing About It
The Exposies - Need More Time
Broken Spindles - Move Away
Bouncing Souls - Kits & Heroes (credits)
The Stitches - Cars Of Today (bonus)

26. Lost In Transition

Death Cab For Cutie - We Looked Like Giants (intro)
Muse - Hysteria (Eero Ettala)
Pep Love - Fight Club (John Jackson / Eric Jackson)
Rob The Viking - Bottom Line (Mikkel Bang)
Sparta - Air (Dave Downing)
Pepe Deluxe - Indifference (Marc Landvik)
Nucleus - Burn It Down (Luke Mitrani / Kazuhiro Kokubo)
Air - Alone In Kyoto (Jeremy Jones)
Jimmy Eat World - Pain (Markku Koski)
Rob The Viking - Paranoia (Frederik Austbo)
Atreyu - An Interlude (Mads Jonsson)
Mos Def And Diverse - Wylin' Out - rjd2 remix (Frederik Kalbermatten)
Lil Flip - Game Over (credits)

27. Pop

Air - Don't Be Light (intro)
Joe Strummer - Arms Aloft
Lemon Jelly - Space Walk
Beastie Boys - Rhyme the Rhyme Well
Rjd2 - 1976
Loveage - Stroker Ace
Stiffed - It's Unanimous
The Roots - Sacrifice
Fugazi - Burning Too
Dj Sebb
Supersuckers - Pritty Fucked Up
Rjd2 - Since We Last Spoke
Miho Hatori - Metaphysical
Modest Mouse - Float On
Ennio Morricone - the Good the Bad and the Ugly
Wes Makepeace - War is Hell (cedits)

28. Shaun White Album

ELO - Showdown
Foreigner - Jukebox Hero
Hot Hot Heat - No, Not Now
Sweet - Fox On The Run
Tears For Fears - Mad World
ELO - Blinded By The Light
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Heart - Crazy On You
Eagles Of Death Meatl - Stuck In The Metal

29. Lame

Broken Spindles - Connection In Progress (intro)
Generation X - Dancing With Myself (David Benedek)
Postal Service - Such Great Heights (Bobby Meeks)
The Clash - Should I Stay Are Should I Go? (Scotty Wittlake / Louie Fountain)
St. Thomas - Corner Man (Chris Engelsman / Jaakko Seppala)
Spider Murphey Gang - Skandal Im Sperbezirk (Christoph Weber)
Royksopp - Remind Me (Wille Yli-Luoma)
Lover Boy- Working For The Weekend (Josh Dirksen)
Young MC - Bust A Move (Scotty Arnold)
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Travis Parker)
Modern English - Melt With You (Crazy Time)
Stereo Total - L'Amour a 3 (credits)

30. Promo Copy

Rick Threat - Gladiators (Intro)
LadyIron - Cease2xist (Eddie Wall)
Shiest & Cess - Shut Em Down (Mikey Rencz)
Big Drill Can - A Take Away (Eero Nimiela / Chad Otterstorm))
Usual Suspects - Call Me Crazy (Ikka Backstrom)
ASG - Crosses (Chris Coutler / Alex Auchu)
Chromeo - Destination Overdrive (Andreas Wiing)
The Primitives - Crash (Lauri Heiskari)
Andre Chamberlain - Hindoch Soda (Simon Chamberlain - Trees)
Mind Royale - Show Me (Simon Chamberlain)
Notarious and Kennedy - Mix Tape Beat (Travis Kennedy)
The Ashes - Hate (Joni Malmi)
Wes Makepeace - Winter Hills Of The Shred Dog (Credits)
The Non - Mind Bent (Bonus - Friends)

31. Positron

MHE - 001 (intro)
Pigeon John - Deception (Chris Dufficy)
The Datsuns - Sittin Pretty (JF Pelchat)
Wildchild - Wonder Years (Hans Ahlund)
Stiffed - Fix Me (Chris Bronw, Paavo Tikkanen)
Overseer - Horn Dog (Dionne Delesalle)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Sister Surround (Erik Leines, Bjorn Leines)
Danger Mouse & Gemini - The Only One (Gaetan Chanut)
The Flying Lisards - Money (Friends)
The Organ - Brother (Keir Dillon)
Gob - All We Are (Kevin Sansalone)
Skysoo - My Pen & My Pad (Kale Stephens)
Chromeo - Needy Girl (Devun Walsh)
De La Soul - Eye Know (Tadashi Fuse)
Aklimatize - Sunny 15 (Outro)
Adam Orsen - Bunny Ranch (Credits)

32. Afterlame

Teddybears Stockholm - "Yours to keep"
Norman Greenbaum - "Spirit in the sky"
Telepopmusic - "Genetic world"
Felix da housecat- "Ready to wear"
Eight days - "What's so strange about me"
Graded roses - "Artic heart"
Weezer - "Lullaby for Wayne"
De la soul - "Keeping the Faith"
The Faint - "Symptom finger"
Air - "All I need"
Dinosaur jr - "Budge"
Cut copy - "Going nowhere"
Red hot chili pepper- "Higher ground"
The knife - "Heart beats"
David Garza- "Float away"
Herb Alpert - "Taste of Honey"

33. Dropstich

McNamara - Powder (intro)
Embrace - It Feels Like Glue Mix (Lisa Filzmoser)
Doves - Pounding (Tina Birbaum)
The Steals - Give It All Back (Stine Brun Kjeldaas / Lesley McKenna / Julianne Bray)
Super U - She's Alright (Stine Brun Kjeldaas / Leanne Pelosi)
The Music - Guide (Cheril Maas)
Lo Fidelity Allstars - LoFi's In Ibiza (Lesly McKenna)
The Charlatans - Forever (Christel Thoreson / Claudia Furi / Sophie Rodriguez / Verra Janssen / Cuca Aranda)
Ca Feat. Rachel Modest - Hume (Dorianne Vidal)
The Music - Raindance (Friends)
Bloc Party - Banquet (Lisa Wiik / Kjersti Buaas)
C-Mone - Stan Bac (Silvia Mittermüller)
Embrace - Brothers And Sisters (Emily Akerblom / Hanna Lundmark / Sara Philips / Jamie Anderson)
QMS - T Love (Jenny Jones)
RAAR - Longhorne (Mirjam Jaeger / Vera Janssen / Emily Akerblom)
No Talent Kid - Mrs H (Anne-Flore Marxer)
Radiohead - Go To Sleep (Natasza Zurek)
Embrace - Ashes (credits)

34. Pirate Radio

I-Shine - Pirate Radio (intro)
Voice Of A Generation - ... Of War (Marco Feichtner)
The Lost Patrol - Alright (Andy Lehmann / Magnus Sterner)
Jay Z - Dj Chrome (Hannes Metzler / Lars Oesterle)
Allpot Futsch - ... (Daniel Bumann )
Lavanda - Pestroraniy (Mitya Fesenko)
Twilightning - Gone To The Wall (Sani Alibabic)
Rjd2 - Through The Walls (Friends)
Q Tip - Breath N' Stop (Gigi Rüf / Marko Grilc)
Children Of Bodom - Hate Me (Jonte Edvardson / Rudi Kröll / Lukas Draxl)
Rjd2 - Clean Living (Lukas Goller)
... - The Pirate Radio Song (End)

35. Grenade - Night Of The Living Shred

The Damned - Melody Lee (intro)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - I Need To Know (Dammy Kass)
Adolescents - No Way (Brian Iguchi / Travis Kennedy)
Connor Langlois - Dj Nahlej (Colin Langlois)
Pixies - Alec Eiffel (Nicky Wieveg / James Beach / Kevin Casillo / Scotty Arnold / Eddie Wall ...)
Ispy - Track 14 (Jesse Burtner / Darrell mathes / Jon Jackson / Gabe Taylor / Brian Regis...)
Primus - Puddin Taine (Kyle Clancy)
Junkman - Wildstyle (Lane Knaack / Matt Downey / Rahm Klampert)
A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (Shane Flood)
TSOL - Nothing For You (Denis Buongiorno / Keenan Rice / Mike Tobia / Brett Butcher / Hana Beaman...)
ASG - Yawn (Travis Rice)
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Credits)

36. Psykopit - Fun

Yello - Oh Yeah (intro)
OMC - How Bizarre (Sylvain Bourbousson)
... - Bugsworld (Guillaume Charnay)
Devo - Mongoloid (Bjorn Mortenssen)
Amy Stewart - Knock On Wood (Remi Lamazouere)
L'Orchestre Du Splendide - La Salsa Du Démon (David Vincent)
The Faint - Call Call (Julien Haricot)
Paris - Disco Fever (Mathieu Crépel)
Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin (Friends)
Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood (Stephane Lochon)
Genius / GZA - Stay In Line (Morgan Le Faucheur)
Meja - It's All About The Money (Pacome Allouis)
Dj Kiff One And DJ JB - ... (Nicolas Droz)
Barnay - And I Have Some Fun (credits)
Elmer Foot Beat - Daniela (Mimi Boissonnet)
ELO - Blinded By The Light (Mimi Boissonnet)

37. Burton - The Process 3

GZA feat. Shanti - Stay In Line (Trevor Andrew, Jeremy Jones)
The White Stripes - Black Math (Mitrani, Emanuelson, Austboe, Bang, Gittler)
B’Last - Surf And Destroy (DCP)
Pink Floyd - Us And Them (Craig Kelly – R.I.P., Terje Haakonsen)
DJ Big Stefan - 801.695.3422 (Gigi Rüf, Keir Dillon)
Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene (Kalbermatten, Lougee, Seppala, Langlois, Jonsson)
Ice Cube - Color Blind (Rencz, Müller, Kazu, Fernandez, Sorsa)
Duran Duran - Rio (Jussi Oksanen, Dave Downing, Ross Powers)
David Bowie - Suffragette City (Women)
Mos Def - Umi Says (JP Solberg)
Nirvana - Territorial Pissings (Jeff Anderson – R.I.P.)
Drunk Injuns - For Real (Shaun White)
Ludacris - Move Bitch (Romain De Marchi)
The White Stripes - We’re Going To Be Friends (credits)

38. Dopeshit

Rob Dougan - Clibbed To Death (intro)
Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (intro)
Tafs - Fedde Repp (Gian Simmen)
Ugly Duckling - A Little Samba (Christian Haller)
Nico Suave - Ich Sage Ja! (Crash and trip)
Kool And The Gang - Celebration (Fabian Friedli)
Diana Ross - Upside Down (Stephen Maurer)
Mad Skillz - The High And Mighty (Stephen Maurer's Headcam)
Styles Of Beyond - Mr. Brown (Andi Bützer / Tom Bützer)
Grayz Walz - Battle Me (Roman Marti)
Beginner - Gustav Gans (Therry Brunner)
Pete Rock - Tru Master (Renato Späni)
Beach Boys - FunFunFun (Sergio Berger)
Bon Jovi - Runaway (Nicolas Wolken)
Michael Sembello - Maniac (Markus Keller)
Nguru - Life's Too Short (Eirik Hango)
Paula Abdul - Straight Up (Lisa Beck / Costi / Gianci Livers)
Sugarhill Gang - The 8th Wonder (Cedi Schumacher / Kevin Schumacher / Maurice Gilland...)
Jedi Mind Tricks - I Against I (Jah Harris)
Breitbild - D'Welt Isch Schön (credits)

39. Psykopit Movie

Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky (intro)
Beethoven - William Tell Overture (intro)
For My People - Segundo (Nicolas Droz)
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry (Julien Haricot)
Gloria Estephan - Conga (Tristan Picot / Morgan Lefaucheur / Mathieu Crépel / Sylvain Bourbousson)
Dj A-Dog (Guillaume Charnay / Mads Jonsson / Nicolas Ciriego / Anne-Flore Marxer / Tonton Holland / Joel Strecker...)
Les Ritas Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ca (Iikka Backstrom / Eero Nimiela / Paavo Tikkanen)
Les Bratisla Boys - Tcha Tcha (Intro Pacôme)
The Corrs - Breathless (Pacôme Allouis)
Genuis - Liquid Swords (Xavier Marcou / Nicolas Watier)
Mathieu Lagarde - Sushi (Intro Laurent Perraud)
Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi (Laurent Perraud)
Pierre Bachelet - Les Bronzés Font Du Ski (Les copains)
Prince - Kiss (Jeremy Boissonnet)
Top Loader - Dancing In The Moonlight (credits)

40. Committed

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild (Intro)
Duran Duran - Rio (J-F Fortin)
The Sounds - Mine For Life (Brett Butcher)
Sniff "n" The Tears - Driver Seat (Brandon Bybee, Danny Garrity)
Def Leppard - Waste (Travis Robison / Mikko Rajakangas / Mason Aguirre/ Simon Chamberlain)
Delinquent Habits - Return Of The Trees (Max Henault)
New Kids On The Block - Step By Step (Guillaume Brochu)
Nappy Roots - 140 (Jason Murphy)
Iron Maiden - Trooper (Dean Barbier)
Twisted Sister - Stau Hungry (credits)

41. Love Hate

Belle And Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance (Intro 1)
Mirah - Sweepstakes Prize (Intro 2)
The Bronx - Heart Attack American (Intro 3)
The Spits - Bring (Darrell Mathes)
The Murder City Devils - Press Gang (Jordan MendenHall)
Whales Of Pity - Dead Sailors (Prescilla Levac)
The Colour - Little Wren (Mitch Nelson)
Andre Nickatina - Public Enemy #7 (Nate Bozung / Matty Rian)
Cursive - Intro (Bjorn Leines)
Cursive - Some Right Handed (TJ Schneider / Corey Smith)
Le Force - We May Belong To You (Joni Makinen)
The Cardigans - My Favorite Game (Jon Kooley)
Le Peste - Dont Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonight (Andy Forgash)
Adam Green - Babys Gonna Die Tonight (Mikey Leblanc)
Jaylib - Track 11 (Marc Frank Montoya)
Mr Airplane Man - Not Living At All (Justin Hebbel)
Eric Burdon - San Francican Nights (Credits)

42. Derelictica

The Cosmonauts - Fade Away (Intro 1)
Minor Threat - Salad Days (Intro 2)
Elkland - Apart (Andreas Wiing)
Bloc Party - Banquet (Fredu Sirvio / Hampus Mosesson)
JoFo - Peep Dis (Mikey Rencz / Travis Parker / Mitch Reed)
The Faint - The Conductor (Eddie Wall)
Pegboy - Time Again (Jake Blauvelt / Joni Malmi)
Man Of War - Broken (Reno / Alex Auchu / Chris Engelsman)
Stiffed - Radio (Jakob Whilhemson / Simon Chamberlain)
Katrina And The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Lauri Heiskari)
Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration (Credits)

43. Futureproof

Autolux - Here Comes Everybody (Intro)
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Gigi Rüf)
Blonde Redhead - In Particular (Gigi Rüf / Kurt Wastell)
Louis XIV - Pledge of Allegiance (Romain De Marchi)
Mos Def Feat. Busta Rhymes - Do it Now (Jp Sloberg / Romain De Marchi)
Bethesda Music - Divine Invasion 2 (DCP / Nicolas Müller)
Cursive - Herald! Frankenstein (Niseko)
Handsome Boy Modeling Scool Feat. Pharell Williams & Julee Cruise - Class System (Niclas Müller / DCP / Pischke)
Flit - Man in The Hole (Yannick Amevet)
Fugaza - Break (Jules Reymond / Nicolas Droz / Jussi Tarvainen / Christphe Schmidt / Trevor Andrew)
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Jonaven Moore)
Metric - Hustle Rose (Matt Beardmore)
Dog's Die in Hot Cars - Celebrity Sanctum (Wolle Nyvelt)
Gorrillaz - Dare (Nicolas Müller)
AMS-#1 - Big Wheelie (Credits)

44. Everyday Something

The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet (Intro)
Spoon - The Way We Get By (Filippo Kratter)
Swell Maps - Real Shocks (Nima Jalali)
Monk Higgins - Siims Return (Tim Eddy / Jake Devine)
Missing Persons - Words (Robbie Sell)
MFDoom - White Willow Bark (Rube Goldberg)
The Smiths - Still Ill (Casey Neefus / Aaron Keene / Zac Marben / Corey Smith)
Kiss Or Kill Me - Wont Last (Stephen Duke / Curtis Woodman)
Joy Division - Disorder (Shaun McKay)
Placebo - The Bitter End (Jussi Tarvainen)

45. One Love

MFM - ... (Intro)
Easy-E - Real Mutha F'n (Luc Messier)
Stat Quo Feat. Alchemist - Stop the Show (Steevie Hell)
Outkast - Last Call (JP Tomich / Jeremy Grendel)
Young Buck - Datz Me (Cory Cronk)
Big Tymers - Real Big (Commi... / Zack Seiber / Dave Manoa / Neil Probo)
Mammie Fresh Feat. #1 Stunna - The DJ (Risto Ruokola / Costi / Vessa Vissinem)
Juvenile - Ha (Rune Doppel)
Infamous Mobb - Mobb Niggaz (Darrel Mathes / Erik Christensen)
Camron & Kanye West - Down and Out (Derek Dennison)
Shyne - Thats Gangsta (Mark Edlund)
Cassidy - Boy Stance (Aarron Biitner / Max Legendre)
Mobb Deep - Burn (Chris Backstrom)
Fabolous - Breathe (Drew Füler)

46. From_______, With Love

John Smith - Dude Descending a Staircase (Intro)
Shawn Lee? Ping Pong Orchestra - Theme From Andrex
The Sounds - Living In America (Jussi Oksannen)
The Faint - Birth
Tomcraft - Loneliness (Eero Ettala)
The Epoxies - Stop Looking At Me
Shawn Lee? Ping Pong Orchestra - P Walk
I Monster - Daydream In Blue (DCP)
Kasabian - Club Foot
We Are Telephone - Occupy
Fischerspooner - Never Win
Felix da Housecat - Rocket Ride (Heiky Sorsa)
Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World
Lemon Jelly - 88 aka Come Down On Me
Shawn Lee? Ping Pong Orchestra - Brighton Rock (Credits)
(ŠGnarnia - snowboardsounds)

47. Paradox

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss (Intro 1)
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Ode To Isis (Intro 2)
Jedi Mind Tricks - On The Eye Of War (John Jackson)
Freeland - Burn the Clock (Convex Roll)
Fischerspooner - Cloud (Frederik Kalbermatten)
... - Uproar (Frederik Austbo Intro)
X - Los Angeles (Frederik Austbo)
Irwin’s Conspiracy - All of the Above (Jeremy Jones' Intro)
Mix Master Mike - Bangzilla (Jeremy Jones 1)
Mix Master Mike - Magnet (Jeremy Jones 2)
Eligh - Dirt Bump (Jeremy Jones 3)
Ninja Beatz - Heaviness (Kazuhiro Kokubo / Matt Hammer)
Irwin’s Conspiracy - Jumping Through Hoops (Mads Jonsson's Intro)
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind (Mads Jonsson)
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - To Russia My Homeland (Russia's Intro)
The Faint - Southern Belles In London Sing (Russia Part)
Kabanjak Meets Protassov - Blues Encore (Eric Jackson 1)
Kabanjak Meets Protassov - These Streets We Walk (Eric Jackson 2)
The Mars Volta - L’Via L’Viaquez (Mark Landvik)
RJD2 - Final Frontier Instrumental (Credits)
(ŠGnarnia - snowboardsounds)

48. The Big Blind

Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Intro)
The Cranberries - I Can't Be With You (Iikka Backström)
Foo Fighters - Everlong (Kale Stephens / Kier Dillon / Paavo Tikkanen)
The Phonograff - The Phonograff – D-Icy Funk (Chris Dufficy)
Tilly and The Wall - A Perfect Fit (TJ Schneider)
The Spitfires - Something To Nothing (JF Pelchat)
Joe Esposito - You're The Best (Bails)
P-Money Feat. Scribe - Stop The Music (Devun Walsh)
Stiffed - Burned Again (Benji Ritchie)
Mathematics Feat. Method Man - John 3:16 (Friends)
Swollen Members Feat. Everlast - Put Me On (Shin Campos)
Beck - Girl (Tadashi Fuse)
The Trouble - Either Away (Eero Nimiela)
(ŠGnarnia - snowboardsounds)

49. Shrediquette

Broken Spindles - Videosection (Intro)
Bloc Party - Banquet
Marlin - Since Then
Metric - Combat Baby
Fingathing - Walk In Space
Atlas Plug -Llet You Back
The Knife - You Take My Breath Away
Rob Base - It Takes Two
Ladytron - Seventeen
Kim Wilde - Manninen Bybee
Rancid - Fell Back Down
Goten Project - La Revancha Del Tango
The Faint - Your Retro Career Melted (Credits)
(ŠWoody - snowboardsounds)

50. December

Joe Satriani - Ride (Bormio's Intro)
Zep Feat. Mitar - Tu Pa Tam (Livigno Session)
The Decemberists - The Tain (Slovakia Devastation)
Yugen - Delta Pt. 1 (Badgastien Austria)

51. Jibbing With Jeremy Jones

Statistics - No Promises (Sponso Intro Song)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Prog Pank (Jeremy Jones Main Intro)
Trans Am - Outmoder (Boardslides)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Laurel Canyon (50-50's)
Travor Andrew - B-Free (Detuning)
Stiffed - Soon Enough (Slams)
Statistics - 10.22 (Lipslides)
Trans Am - Remote Control (Nosepresses)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Garden Funk (5-0's)
Scotty Arnold - Armie Beats (Jeremy Jones Outro)
Trans Am - Ideao Machine (Credits)

52. Elekrep

Comfort Fit - The Hunt (Intro)
DJ Gabro & Frankly Irrational - Dead Man (Juusso Laivisto)
Northbound - Forward (Torsti / Jussi Tarvainen / Antti Seppälä / Juha Rautanen / Matti Rautanen / Tuomo Ojala)
DJ Gabro & Frankly Irrational - Feeling (Vesa Nissinen / Jere Paavilainen / Jaakko Tervonen / Risto Ruokola)
Aleksi Virta - Dragons (Heppu Pentti / Tomi Sacela / Aleksi Vanninen / Joni Mäkinen)
DJ Gabro & Frankly Irrational - Intro (Instrumental) (Eero Ettala / Jukka Erätuli / Jane Heiskanen)
DJ Gabro - Pass The Peace (Risto Mattila / Antti Autti / Mikka Hast)
DJ Gabro & Frankly Irrational - Irrational (Credits)

53. Never Trust A Man With A Moustache

Spirit Of The West - The Crawl (Intro)
AgentOrange - Last Goodbye (Jeff Keenan)
Gwar - I Hate Love Songs (Valley Boys)
Clash - Tommygun (Lepore / Burns)
Nas - The Message (Forbes)
Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News (Candian)
Magnun P.I. Theme (Magnum)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (Hardingham)
Rocki IV Soundtrack - Training Montage (Superpark)
Tom Petty - American Girl (
Malcom McLaren - About Her (Kevin & Friends)
Nancy Sinatra - Run For Your Life (Jordan Bell)
Bethoven - Moon Light Sinata (Skids)
Lynard Skynard - That Smell
NWA - Express Yourself
Aerosmith - Sweet Emo(tion) (Jeff Keenan)
Jimmy Buffet - Pencil Thin Moustache (Credits)

54. Frosted Flakes

Ladytron - Seventeen (Intro)
Bubba Sparxxx - Delivrance (Yan Dofin)
Snow Patrol - Alpine Stars (Danny Kass)
JJ72 - Long Way South (Yan Devo / Matt Dano / Jeremy Cloutier)
The Knife - Pass This On (Max Henault)
Placebo - Daddy Cool (Friends)
Bowery Electric - Shook Ones (US Open)
Postal Services - Clark Gable (JF Fortin)
Grits - Ooh Ahh (Max Legend)
Lionnel Ritchie - All Night Long (Chilling Montage)
Maco - Si Au Moins J'Etais Deux (Credits)

55. As If

The Go! Team - Huddle Formation (Intro 1)
Annie - Heartbeat (Intro 2)
The Spits - 19 Millions AC (Laura Hadar)
Red White Rose - Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Erin Comstock)
Le Tigre - I'm So Excited (Alexis Waite)
OMD - Electricity (Leanne Pelosi / Annie Boulanger)
50 Hertz - Tradlös Sewingmachine (Anne-Flore / Kelly Clark / Gretchen Bleiler / Hannah Tetter / Victoria Jealouse)
Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Natasza Zurek)
Zorbatron - Better (Credits)

56. Sandbox

Gorrilaz - Cool Shoe Shine (Intro 1)
The Go! Team - Panther Dash (Intro 2)
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallin' In Love? (Kevin Sansalone)
Air - Alone In Tokyo (Transition 1)
Hole - Malibu (Mark Sollars)
The Spits - Which Hunt (Scott Shaw)
Cut Copy - Bright Neon Payphone (Poland)
Diplomats - Get Crunk Music (Logan Short / Tody Stanek)
Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Andrew Hardingham)
Goldfrap - Lovely Head (Transition 2)
Air - Dead Bodies (Jonas Guin)
Dave Edmonds - Blue Monday (Blue River)
Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister (Transition 3)
The Go! Team - Huddle Formation (Geoffray Brown / Jesse Fox)
Raveonettes - Beat City (Jeff Keenan)
The Pixies - Holiday Song (Brendan Keenan)
Ladytron - Playgirl (Paul Gonzales & Charles White)
Efterklang - Swarming (Transition 4)
Futureheads - Decent Days And Nights (Dustin Craven)
Fleetwood Mac - Never Go Back Again (Credits)

57. Revenge Of The Grenerds

DJ Nahlej - 007 (Intro)
Misfits - Dead Kings Rise (Colin Langlois)
Gwar - Hate Love Songs (Pat Moore / Giacomo Kratter / Brian Regis / Jake Blauvelt)
Anti-Nowhere League - Queen And Country (Bike course)
Husker Du - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (Brian Iguchi)
The Descendents - Suburban Home (Shane flood)
Children Of Boddom - Hate Crew Deathroll (Falls section)
Retard Riot - Run Redick Run (Danny Kass)
The Damned - Smash It Up (Ross Powers / Terje Haakonsen / Nimo Jalali / Eddy Wall / Eric Jackson)
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict (Sketchy-D / Rahm Klambert / Jesse House)
Talking Heads - Burning Down The House (Travis Rice)
Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life (Lane Knaak / Scotty Arnold/ Jimi Tomer / Zach Leach)
Modest Mouse - Bury Me With It (Kyle Clancy)
Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (Credits)

58. Sugar Shack

Spoon - I Turned My Camera On (Intro 1)
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Ode To Isis And You Will Smile Again (Intro 2)
Zoot Woman - Living In A Magazine (Nic Sauve)
The Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (David Melancon)
Duchess Saya - Black Flag (Max Baillargeon / Charles Gagnon)
Uncut - Understanding The New Violence (Etienne Gilbert)
Desert Sessions - Screamin' Eagle (Mikey Rencz / Mike Page / JF Pelchat / Shin Campos...)
The Aversions - ... (Laurent Nicolas Paquin / Ben Bilocq)
We Are Wolves - We Are All Winners And Vosotros, Monstruos (Etienne Tremblay)
Controller Controller - Bruised Broken Beaten (Will Lavigne / Louis-Felix Paradis / Greg Desjardins)
We Are Wolves - T.R.O.U.B.L.E (DCP)
Gruff Rhys - PDWIN WY 1 (Credits)

59. DC mtn Lab

Frou Frou - Let Go (Intro)
The Faint - Paranoiattack (Travis Parker)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Sister Surround (Todd Richards / Priscilla Levac / Travis Parker)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Cha Love (Bjorn Leines' Intro)
The Wannadies - Hit (Bjorn Leines)
American Analog Set - Million Young (Devun Walsh / Travis Rice)
Del Tha Funky Homocapien - If You Must (Rail in da house)
Big Country - In A Big Country (Road Trips)
Chemical Brothers - Music; Reponse (Simon Chamberlain)
Renee Renee - Driving (Eddie Wall at the Hard Rock Las Vegas Rail Contest)
Metric - Dead Disco (Eddie Wall)
Technotronic - Move This (Credits)

60. Storbis

Lauttasaari Boys Choir - Out Of Tone (Intro 1)
DJ Out Of Control - Alabama (Intro 2)
King Star - My Reply (Eero Ettala 1 )
Team Salonen - Hassubiitti (Eero Ettala 2)
Vemund Vik - "unknown" (Tapio Kuusakoski)
Nothing Right Left - Pressure (Ali Toppinen)
Team Salonen - "Unknown" (Thomas Harstad)
Nothing Right Left - Head Straight (Christian Halland)
DJ Out Of Control - Sad Looking Moon (Visa Vertanen)
Sbsociety - Dedicated For You (Jukka Erratuli)
Vemund Vik - "unknown" (Heikki Sorsa)
Time And Again - Needful Things (Harri Holmsten)
The Carburetors - Fire It Up (Daniel Mikkelsen / Morten Vigeland)
Aphilas - That's Just What It's For (Stefan Gimpl)
Loco Sombreros - Loco Somero (Fun time)
Michael Bauer - Have A Nice Life (Credits)

61. Brainstorm

The Third Eye Foundation - I'm Sick And Tired To Be Sick And Tired
Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Grai Matter - Drain
The Black Heart Pocession - It's A Crime I Never Told You About The
Diamonds In Your Eyes
The Yo-Yo's - Time Of Your Life
Minor Threat - Look Back ANd Laugh
Canyon Creep - Black Bra
The Black Halos - Sell Out Love
Ali Goulet's mix of Roundhead - Real G
Diesto - Sagitarious
Disengage - Spine Of Teeth
The Dusters - Seventeen
Large Professor - Bout That Time
Ashley Stove - Blue Crop Duster
Enemymine - Calendar
Kerosene 454 - What Was
Floggin Moll - Devils Dance Floor
Blood FOr Blood - Dead End Street
The Weaklings - Far To Long

62. Burton

Goodbye Harry - Nothin Doin
Killing Joke - Eighties
Firehose - Brave Captain

63. Nitro - Live To Win

The Gossip - Rules For Love (Eero Ettala)
Murder City Devils - Someone Elses Baby (Lukas Huffman / Ettiene Gilbert)
Le Force - The Battle Part 1 (Andrew Ctawford)
Lo-Hi - Dig Thru (Tokyo / Festival Boy)
Modest Mouse - Karma Payment (Rube Goldberg / Shin Campos / James Jackson)
Colour - Chapham Junction (Matty Ryan / Phillipo Kratter)
T Rex - Children Of The Revolution (Eric Christensen / Dave Dohman)
The Spits - Whales Of Pity (Jonte Edvardson)

64. Upping The Ante

No Use For A Name - Until It's Gone
Crackerbash - Orion Stargazer
Supersuckers - Coattail Rider
Fluf - Timeover
Crackerbash - A Song For Lon Mabour
The Fumes - Devil's Dragstrip
Steel Wool - Ists
BWF - Up-Lifted
Crackerbash - Bandages
Steel Wool - Mal Ojo

65. Pocahontas

Aversion - Modern Day Martyr
Aversion - Death Trip Picture Show
Figure Ground - Letter to a Brick Wall
Figure Ground - Big Tragic Eyes
Sub Society - Snuggle
Sub Society - Instrumental
Heavy Into Jeff - Rose Factory
Miracle Workers - Magic Slide
Miracle Workers - Way Back When
The Stand - Hypocrisy
The Stand - The Jungle Song
Snowdin - Do What You Want To Do

[Modyfikowane: 2006-04-16 22:08]

Wypowiedzi: 369

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-04-17 20:56
Taa.. A tu stronka na ktorej znajdziecie te SOUNDTRACKi :):):):):) 251

Wypowiedzi: 78

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-04-18 0:11
zgadza sie. Ja jeszcze je wypisalem i ponumerowalem i jest lux.

tylko ze tam niema paru ważnych filmow np Burning Bridges lub Moment Of Truth. Jesli macie pełne soundtrucki to podajcie.


[Modyfikowane: 2006-04-18 0:13]

Wypowiedzi: 1023

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-04-21 23:32
yyy, bardzo ładnie i pięknie, aleeee...





widział ktoś ten magiczny remix maciusia? :D :D :D

ekhem, no sorki za off-topa ;P ;]
Wypowiedzi: 129

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-04-22 22:14
hahahah za ostre to jest jak ktos nie widzial to macie lina 014080788&q=co+sie+stalo&pl=true
Wypowiedzi: 18

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-04-30 16:04
Zuzus_snwbrds ale powiedz jak sie po tej stronce poruszac bo piszą tam dla mnie językiem nie zrozumiałym...
Wypowiedzi: 499

Odp: Soundtrucki2006-05-05 9:32



-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
sorki za offtopa, ale musialem mu to napisac :)
Wypowiedzi: 14

Odp: Soundtrucki2008-09-01 14:01
Hej .

Ostatnio znalazlem w sieci stronke z filmami ekstremalnymi w tym snowboard i motocross . Filmy pelnometrazowe.

Jest kilka fajnych pozycji. A i stronka nie wyglada najgorzej.

Admin kim kolwiek on jest wrzuca co jakis czas cos nowego.
Wiec polecam.
Wypowiedzi: 46

Odp: Soundtrucki2008-09-07 12:46
@pinokio: PODBIJAM !
Wypowiedzi: 41

Odp: Soundtrucki2008-09-25 18:47

przeglądnąłem dopiero 3 tematy dot. filmów i soundtrucków i w każdym jest ta sama informacja: znalazlem stronę... admin kimkolwiek jest co jakiś czas wrzuca coś nowego...

ciekawe kim jest ten admin?;> i czemu tak zachwalasz tą stronę?? ;>
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